Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Back to the track

Back to the track.
I do miss my last December. When I was in Philippines in early December, went to caroling for two weeks, enjoyed Christmas parties, attended nuptial days and New Year as well.
I was also receive my results. There is no words that could describe how happy I was as I have scored better than those who incredibly had burning the midnight oils.
I do still remember that my friends were striving from the day to the night, everyday. Meanwhile, me, I was still have time to waste; went out for meetings, and other extra-activities. I am not trying to boast for myself; at least my little effort has paid off. I did my very best during the exams with adequate preparations but I was sure I could do better. Sometimes, confidence level really helps, and it’s working.
Plus, I scored A for my second practicum, and it is the second time after the first one. Unfortunately,  my total CGPA is terribly make me down a bit. Heavens collide. Frustration. Mixed feelings. Messed up.
All in all, frankly speaking, I should thank God, at least the slight increment of the CGPA has cheer me up and soon will be ‘remain up continuously without any down’ anymore.

Two semesters left.
I have set my 2013 resolutions to drive me, to where should I go and decide for the sake of my entirelife, perhaps. Any beginning, there must be an end. The power is in me, I am the director; who directs, amends, and conducts me myself, the actor to windup and finally come up with a happy ending and success in any endeavor, as it should be.

God is listening to my prayers. With fully trust and faith, all will be given and granted.

Good night J

Monday, July 2, 2012

Spain's Victory in Euro 2012

I'm coming back. Almost forget my password ='= about four months without any entry due to my busyness and laziness, so i was trying to type something. At least, I've post one, than never. alright, let's talk about EURO! EURO 2012 has just finished! And as expected, Spain win the match, when they trounced the other team, Italy (4-0). By winning EURO 2012, Spain keep remaining its reign as the best football player team in 2012 which is also holding the Champion title for the third time. Congratulations Spain. People enjoyed their sleepless night last night to know the result. The next day, i can see some of my friends are in drowsiness in class.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

my hope;

Hopefully, the news above will not a rumor anymore. haha. Facebook ruins my studies, as i spend more time on Fb (i should blame myself). Yet, Fb has lightened my lives, meet many new pals, obtain many info etc. Unfortunately, my bad habit is i couldn't focus on my revisions, assignments while i sign in my Fb account. (evil laugh). Once it ends, it might be a great news for me. Marks Zuckerberg, please keep your words. i want to see how world looks like without Fb. Phew!