Monday, July 2, 2012

Spain's Victory in Euro 2012

I'm coming back. Almost forget my password ='= about four months without any entry due to my busyness and laziness, so i was trying to type something. At least, I've post one, than never. alright, let's talk about EURO! EURO 2012 has just finished! And as expected, Spain win the match, when they trounced the other team, Italy (4-0). By winning EURO 2012, Spain keep remaining its reign as the best football player team in 2012 which is also holding the Champion title for the third time. Congratulations Spain. People enjoyed their sleepless night last night to know the result. The next day, i can see some of my friends are in drowsiness in class.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

my hope;

Hopefully, the news above will not a rumor anymore. haha. Facebook ruins my studies, as i spend more time on Fb (i should blame myself). Yet, Fb has lightened my lives, meet many new pals, obtain many info etc. Unfortunately, my bad habit is i couldn't focus on my revisions, assignments while i sign in my Fb account. (evil laugh). Once it ends, it might be a great news for me. Marks Zuckerberg, please keep your words. i want to see how world looks like without Fb. Phew!

SPM 2011 results

Ok, those who sat for SPM 2011 surely will get shivering while they are counting their countdown. SPM 2011 results will be announced this coming Mac 21st, 2012 (Source: MOE website). STPM 2011 results has just came out on last Wednesday, congrates to all my friends for acing in their papers. I hope that my cousins will pass in flying colours as well as my friends too.
p/s; i am still remember the day i counted my countdown to get my SPM results. it was really, really "hurt". Indeed, waiting is hurting.

Thursday, March 8, 2012


Hari ini Perdana Menteri mengumumkan bahawa SBPA yang menjadi satu lagi transformasi dasar kerajaan terhadap penjawat awam pada tahun ini telah dibatalkan! for me, this will be a good news to all government employees. Hadiah untuk penjawat awam diseluruh Malaysia! Walaupun saya belum lagi menjadi salah seorang daripada 'mereka', namun berdasarkan pemahaman terhadap SPBA, berlaku ketidakadilan dalam pergerakan gaji dalam gred tertentu. In short, yang kaya terus kaya, yang papa terus derita (taklah papa derita sangat hehe)
Masa mula-mula tidak faham memang tidak ambil kisah tapi sekali dah tahu tentang dasar-dasar sistem tersebut memang mengenepikan 'golongan majoriti'. Sehinggakan, my parents and my two sisters pun ada juga 'cakap-cakap', cuma dah dasar baru, so rakyat hanya terimalah. Whatever it is, ketidakpuashatian memang wujud dari rakyat khususnya penjawat awam memang wujud. Finally, CUEPACS did its job! tak lupa NUTP! ini baru la 1 Malaysia, Rakyat didahulukan!

Berikut merupakan beberapa main points dalam ucapan YAB PM. (Source: this)

  • Tetapi SSM akan ditambahbaik
  • Akan ada penubuhan suruhanjaya – Mengkaji & mempertimbangkan sebarang bentuk cadangan pada masa akan datang untuk penambaikan perkhidmatan awam
  • Pelarasan gaji mengikut SSM melibatkan gred 1-54 adalah sebanyak 13 %
  • Pecahan bagi pelarasan gaji pula : gred 1-54 iaitu melibatkan pelaksana & P&P (kenaikan 13%), gred khas Utama A/B/C (Kenaikan 9%), Turus 2 dan 3 (Kenaikan 8%), Turus 1 & juga Ketua Setiausaha Negara KSN (Kenaikan 7%)
  • SSM diubah daripada struktur gaji matrik ke struktur minimum maksimum gred 1-54= RM80 – RM320. Kenaikan gaji tahunan (KGT) adalah mengikut gred masing-masing sama seperti yang terkandung dalam SBPA dahulu…
  • Jusa naik ikut tangga gaji setelah dibuat pelarasan kenaikan. Mereka tidak ada sistem minimum – maksimum seperti gred 1-54
  • Bantuan sara hidup kawasan B naik dari RM200 ke RM250 sebulan. Manakala Kawasan C =RM100 ke RM150 sebulan
  • COLA kawasan B dan C naik RM50 (150/250)
  • Bayaran Insentif Perkhidmatan Kritikal (BIPK), Bayaran Insentif Wilayah (BIW), Bayaran Insentif Pedalaman (BIP) dan Bayaran Insentif Subjek Pendidikan (BISP) dikekalkan pelaksanaannya mengikut peraturan sedia ada di bawah SSM.
  • Pegawai pendidikan dikekalkan penambaikan laluan kerjaya berasaskan time based 8 tahun seperti yang diumumkan daalm pembentangan Bajet 2012

For more info, click this.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012


... try to figure out how to pursue my 'dreams'.

Leap Year is back!

February 29th, 2012. What do you expect?
Happy Leap Year readers. It’s Wednesday evening, Feb 29 right here in my room, and I am in the mood for nothing. I get so busy in the moment of “being” until I forget to think what actually the date today. Leap Year; when I was a boy, leap year was “nothing” for me. How come this date comes around once every 4 years, right? As the birthday of one of my friends fell on February 29, and we were in the same year, she always claimed that her birthdays comes once after four years and got jealous of my birthday. How pity she was when she celebrated her birthday on the inexact date. Yes, I have to admit, that was absolutely confused and amazed my young mind and didn’t understand what leap year was all about and pretty sure, she is so special for having the date of birthday.
Leap year occurs every 4 years and I definitely think that everyone needs to create a leap list every year. In 2012, I am taking leap to go beyond “good enough”, acing in my studies and trying to step out of my comfort zone, and pushing what I have achieved to the next level, especially my career.
And I want that for you too! Make some leaps this year and be sure, reach all your goals.

I think leap years are cool, so how are you going to make it one to remember? Leave all your fuzziness and do something out of the ordinary if you have the chance.
As for me, I’m spending the day at college, meetings, assignments and packing in my necessary clothes as I will be going to Kota Kinabalu tomorrow for a course. How rubbish?!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Merentas Desa 2012

Finally, IPG Keningau Campus cross-country event 2012 has become a success. This programme was fully conducted by the Semester 5 trainee teachers. Thank you so much to those who have helped us in myriad ways in order to make this event goes smoothly. Holy tired! I also finished my 8.5 km run, and contibuted 2 points to my rumah sukan.

the banner
this is the pathway that they should follow. The males should run 8.5 km, meanwhile females 5.5 km.
thanks to PJ trainees teacher for conducting the aerobic exercises. They enjoyed it!
Thanks a lot to Madam Director and Mr. Vice Director for the support.
starting point
run baby run!
female trainess
male trainees
smile reduces tiredness
run baby run!
waiting for the results
winners for each category
Mat Salleh obtained the highest points, and it's my rumah sukan!

Friday, February 24, 2012

friday comes!

these are what i did today. awesome!
and Have a blissful Friday!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Lisa Yusry

okay, entah apa sakit saya ni tiba2 mau cer pasal artis pulok. haha. ok this is about the wedding between Yusry and Lisa Surihani. Mereka baru ja bergelar suami isteri. Wah... memang mantap gila la perkahwinan mereka ni. everything is white aaa. :) Lisa Surihani memang cantik la, actually 1st mula minat dengan Lisa dalam cerita Lagenda Budak Setan. for those who never watch the movie, go check out the trailer. Sangat adorable Lisa dlm movie tu! haha. Btw, semoga berbahagia hingga ke akhir hayat dan pastikan "jangan pisang berbuah dua kali". :)
berikut beberapa gambar i grabbed from other blogs.
for me, the thing that makes Lisa is the truly beauty is her smile. kann... plus pipi dia...
 princess of the day

source: this

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

it's Ash Wednesday

Oh hey, it’s Ash Wednesday. And I just reached home from Ash Wednesday Mass.
And for all Catholic Christians, this is the beginning of penance and fasting which will be last after 40 days, and so it’s called Lent.
On Ash Wed, dust is marked on the forehead as to reminding ourselves that “for dust thou art, and into dust thou shall return,” [Gen 3:19] and indicating our readiness to celebrate the season of Lent.
Alms-giving, Prayer, Fasting: These must be done out of our love for God and desire to deepen our relationship with Him and not for the impure motive of wanting to “show” others how “holy” we are.
Have a blessed Lenten season. May God bless us all.
“The time is fulfilled, and the kingdom of God is at hand; repent and believe in the gospel.” 


ok, pagi tadi dapat panggilan telefon dr Sk. Kg Biah, untuk menjadi salah satu hakim Pertandingan Pidato sekolah rendah KPM peringkat Zon Pegalan, Keningau. Terkejut jugalah sebab tiada persediaan, kalau diberitahu awal boleh juga buat "homework" apa patut diisi ni kepala pasal pidato hehe. 
technically, peserta masih kurang keyakinan, ada masih baca points even holding the whole text. sya juri bahagian isi, and i should listen to the points carefully, bagaimana isi dioleh, dikupas dan disokong dgn contoh yang mantaplah. mcm biasa, kalau bhgn spontan, memang nervous gila kan, peserta yang sudah berkali-kali ikut pun, boleh nervous apa lagi murid SR kan... apa yang penting nasihat saya, tentang pidato spontan, mesti kuasai tema yang diberi dan cuba membaca sekerap yang boleh, because by vast reading it stimulates and activates everyone's mind. am i right?
Lastly, saya juga diminta untuk membuat ulasan terakhir tentang pertandingan sebelum keputusan diumumkan. terkejut beruk lagi sebab tidak ada persediaan. Apa lagi, buat muka confident ja la then cakap spontan ja semua komen2 yang bernas hehe. and imagine that, all eyes and ears were focusing to me.
apapun, my experiences about pidato really helped me a lot. Thanks you so much "teacher". next Thursday will be the Pertandingan Pidato SR dan SM peringkat daerah Keningau. sekali lagi Peg. Pelajaran Daerah jemput saya untuk jadi judge bagi kategori Sekolah Menengah. aduh, sekali cek takwim, sya ada lawatan ilmiah di Kota Kinabalu pula. So, tidak dapatlah :(
 peserta yang agak menonjol. and as expected, she won.
 agak baik dalam bhgn pertama, cuma bhgn spontan yang peserta ni mcm nervous dan cakap sikit je.  
 borang markah
 selingan semasa pengiraan markah. the pupils of Sk. Biah are very talented, indeed.
 the backdrop

thanks a lot to the organizer

Sunday, February 12, 2012

MPPB again!

Selamat datang guru pelatih baharu PPISMP GSTT (ambilan khas) Jan 2012 dan DPLI GSTT Ambilan Feb 2012 (9-11 Feb). Three orientations within one month and i'm pretty sure, lecturers will keep on asking where am i during the day. This is so damn tired and to those who never experience it, try to get involve in JPP. Well, most of the trainees are among gstt former teachers and the hardest part to handle during the orientation was to train them on how to improve and boost the self-control and tell them about the "Budaya IPG". But, for me, the only way to win over them is through our effective communication skills. Indeed, my past experience really has taught me a lot.
"experience is more powerful than knowledge"

 briefing about HEP
 the ajks
 "amanat": they need take good care of it throughout the orientation

 Latihan Dalam Kumpulan (LDK)

 ice breaking session