Monday, February 28, 2011

Bengkel Seni Tari 1 Malaysia

Hi readers, last weekend I went to University of Malaysia Sabah, Kota Kinabalu (UMS) for a dance workshop. The workshop lasted after 3 days and there were 20 of us from IPG Kampus Keningau. Perhaps, you might be surprise right? Since this was a chance of a lifetime, I suppose appreciate it. Thanks to my friend who has invited me, and for your information, I have learned Chinese Dance and it was really hard for me. Miss Tang is the one who taught us, for me she is a magnificent Chinese choreographer. The stretching session was the toughest one which required me to bend all my body parts. Haha. Sometimes, I also forgot the steps and I need to catch up back all those things. In short, I was ecstatic during the performance and all of them were surpassingly good. I was attracted with the Vice-Chancellor’s speech that collegian should unwind their monotonous life instead of just idling around. So, from now on, I since I’m quite dumb, I’m willing to try any new thing. At a sudden, I remember a quote, ‘All works and no play make Jack a dull boy’.


last day.

preparation at the studio
tarian Sabah (Amodd, Joel, Santa, Winnie)

all in 1
Chinese dancers

Sarawak dancers

Thursday, February 24, 2011

February 24th

Today is my dad’s birthday. Happy Birthday daddy! I'm a horrible son! I didn't realize it was my dad's birthday today until I got a freaking Facebook reminder. Don’t be surprised that my daddy has a Facebook account too. Ok, I used to call him, “daddy” since I was in childhood. And he’s now turning 50 but for me my daddy doesn’t look like 50s’, seriously. He’s a cool man and he could be a “Raja Lawak” compared to my mom who always with her daily ramblings. Oh gosh! Sometimes we can be friends and imagine that my daddy and I could sit in the bar all night long and drink bottles of Beer. Sounds great huh! He’s a non-smoker, and oh yeah, I still remember one of his memorable advices but pretty funny I think, he said, “if anyone of his children especially the sons wish to be a smoker, they are free to be kicked out of the house”. Lol. I’m always wondering, what else can I do to make his birthday good and special? I did give him presents, wallet etc, but these entire do not worth to repay the sacrifices. Perhaps, someday, I would become a successful person, and that time you will say, “that’s my son!”. Once again, Happy Birthday Daddy, I love you daddy and May God bless you always. Amen

saya belum lagi tapun naik Gunung Kinabalu. bila la ni aaa? kwn2 ramai suda naik.

Monday, February 21, 2011


thanks oilan for tagging me. Usually, i would do nothing when someone tag me to answer the question tag. But, when i’m in mood i’m eager to go through my friend’s blog plus answer the Q. Besoh quiz Anatomy and Physiology, sempat lagi lugai2 aaa...

1. Apakah yang anda sedang lakukan 30 minit yang lalu?

Makan, TV, Internet. 3 in 1...nah mana mau cari hehe

2. 2 jam yang lalu?

Baca2 anatomi & physiology notes tapi tidak pandai masuk otak, then watching Autumn In My Heart drama.

3. Anda suka?

KETAWA dan SENYUM, eventough when i’m in trouble. Nah... pls take note.

4. Minggu lepas?

A memorable and sad week. :(

5. Tiga lagu yang anda boleh dengar berulang-ulang kali

Bapa Sentuh Hatiku.

You Raise Me Up.

Kebahagiaan Dalam Perpisahan.

6. Tiga binatang yang anda tidak suka

Apa aaaa... Ular (so shit)... byk baa... hm.. yg disgusting laa... semut yg kalau bejuta2... and...???

7. Lima fakta tentang anda

I’m the right person to talk and laugh with (perhaps),

Kuat tidur,

Kalau malas, akan tersangatlah malas, kalau rajin, akan tersangatlah rajin,

Ketawa yg melebih2,

Suka bertangguh

8. Tahun depan mungkin

Makin gemuk... (i dont want!!!!, hopefully never!),

More cute.. wuuuu...,

Banyak duit... i wanna be a billionaire baa...

9. Saya tidak reti

Byk tak reti ni...

10. Saya pandai

Sikit-sikit seja hehe.

11. Kawan saya

Smuanya easy going. Mau make friends lagi...

12. Saya ada

Perut... perut saya lapar... kalau tidak lapar, bukan perut saya... (i’m smiling when i’m typing this... teringgat time orentasi jadi guru peletih baru in 2008. Senior suruh buat begini. Something memorable i think)

13. Saya seorang

Manusia. haha

14. Adik saya

Pemalas. Nah... kasi malu adik sendiri haha

15. Saya tidak pernah bosan dengan (senaraikan 4)

Ketawa, online, tidur, spend duit.

16. Bilakah pertama kali anda bercinta

Time sek menengah. Nah... pandai sudah...

17. Perkara yang selalu orang tak percaya tentang anda

Kalau cakap jujur org x pecaya haha

18. Saya rindu

Ketenangan dan kebahagiaan.. sorry for being so geek. ;)

19. Saya tak sabar

Mau habis belajar dan kerja dan dapat gaji dan sambung belajar dan naik gaji dan pegang jawatan tinggi dan gaji besar. I’m not greedy by the way, tapi wawasan aaa hehe.

20. Lima laman yang anda selalu layari






Soalan cepumas siapakah anda 100 tahun akan datang?....

An Angel. hehehe


Wantan, Deb, Zurin, Syl, Zoul, anybody la... semua la...

Sunday, February 20, 2011

i'm now becoming an animal lover. kunun la.

Hi readers. i am again writing a bunch of craps which probably no one would even wanna read. By the way, this time I just want to show you my two kids. :) jeng3. I bought them fortnight ago, where there were still baby bunnies. I used to keep them in a cage, that had been kept in the store for a long time. It sounds silly that I mostly spend my time at the hostel especially during the weekdays so I let my lil brother to take care of them. I feed them with rabbit pallets which can be obtained at the pet shop, or vegetables and I give them plain water as their drink. sometimes, I’m not that comfortable with the revolting smell of them but if you see the way they eat, jump or lick, that probably would not a problem anymore. So those who plan to keep pets, I advise you to make them as part of your life.

don't you think they are pretty damn cute, right? do pray for them, so my "kids" would live healthier.

i will always

Oh, it’s been a long I haven’t write anything, and believe it or not I almost forget my password. Huh.. it is raining heavily; symbolizes of what I am feeling deep inside of my heart right now. It’s hard for me to cry out for what I have done to her. But seriously, I didn’t mean to do that. She is too special for me; she came into my life after I ended my last crush during my secondary school. She had shined my days, my life. She is gorgeous. In short, she is too perfect for me. Yes I love her. I am a human being, who has feeling and sense. I want to love and to be loved. As everyone knows that love is blind; but me? Sometimes I will be blind in appreciating the love. I’ve caused her so much emotional pain, and I’m scared to deem this as a teenage episode. I wish to take back all those times, the past that has hurt her so much to the present; I gave her disappointment and not treat her as meaningful as it should be. I used to express how sorry I was, but I knew I didn’t deserve her forgiveness; because I never change. And I think the word “sorry” seems useless. I know she was tired of telling me the things that I did that made her upset, and hoping that I wouldn’t do them anymore, when I continued to at my absentmindedness. When I mulled over on what I’ve done, perhaps this is the best solution, although it was incredibly painful. It does not mean that I am giving-up, but I don’t want her to be hurt again, because I love her. Life was not a bed of roses. I believed I will be hated by her friends, my friends or even everyone around me, and I’ll feel like shit. But it’s ok, I’m not a “fighter”, but a lover. I have been faced this many times in my life when people are eager to hold a long-lasting grudge instead of forgive me. On the other hand, grudges aren’t worth it to me. Of course, every situation is different, and sometimes people truly deserve a taste of their own medicine. One thing I want her to remember that, she still the one who is very special for me, and if you need someone to be with, I will always there for you. And trust me, with God’s Will, we will be together someday. I have to admit that there is a tiny part of me that holds out hope. I’m so sorry; I can’t be perfect for you. If you found someone who is better than me, grab “it”. Because who knows “it” could make you life more wonderful than previously.

cat usually reminds me of her