Friday, November 25, 2011

vacation activates

Holidays begin. Then, the only thing that I wish to do is lazing around every day. Forget the damn pretty hectic life, tons of troublesome assignments, exams… ah… I could not describe how relieved I am. Holidays start with snorkeling, my friend from Peninsular Malaysia has come to Sabah for two weeks and so I brought him to the two popular islands in Sabah, Manukan and Sapi Island. Plus, we were also visited Kundasang, the Switzeland of Sabah, I guessed. Before I left him in KK to meet his friend, we managed to visit Pasar Filipin, and those who do not know, it is a place where pearl jewelleries are sold widely and the price is reasonable. In short, the 3 days outing was really fantastic! Happy holidays all.

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