Friday, March 19, 2010


Today, 19th March 2010... It's SATURDAY!!! Why do I said so? After enjoying one week of school break, then I need to go back to campus tomorrow, back to the trainee’s routines. A week of holiday doesn’t enough for me, time runs too fast. On the first day, I joined the Barnabas Camp, and it lasted after 3 days. Then, I went to KK about 2 days. I was at home on Wednesday, and from that day, I just sit in front of my laptop and do my shitload of assignments. 3more to go! Procrastination will ends nothing. Yes, I really trust on that. When I am putting off, delaying or deferring my assignments to a later time, then it will become worse. Hehehe. Besides that, I need to do my prepared speech for my upcoming Pidato Competition. It will be held in Malaysia Integrity Institute on 4-6th of APril 2010. I have to choose 2 topics out of 25. I am depressed when the topics given are quite complicated to figure out. Help me!
p/s: pray for me and wish me luck to do the best

Thursday, March 11, 2010


yes I'm now drowning in the ocean that full of draggy assignments
after i had submitted my second assignment yesterday, they come again...
and now I need to accomplish all these crappy bullshits and irksome assignments within two weeks... perhaps, it is a process of learning but, instead of sitting all hours in front of your laptop, retype the contents from the source books, copy and paste from the relevant websites, for me, i've learn nothing! huh! it sukx! sometimes, after we have done our best to complete all those things, unfortunately, sky is not always bright as predicted, the lecturers are not lenient in giving marks, whose errors 4 all these? of course ours, bcz lecturers are always right!

think +vely, +vely... I'm sure some of my friends would have the same thought like me... (maybe.. i hope so..) because all of us are in the same boat, right guys???!!! sorry, I just want to evince and verbalize on what I feel now. I need to stand patiently to ensure that I would get through the harsh situation i guessed be.

Sistem giliran penempatan guru di luar bandar

March 9, 2010, Tuesday

Benarkan guru berpindah selepas dua hingga tiga tahun mengajar di sekolah luar bandar, saran NUTP

KUALA LUMPUR: Para guru perlu menganggap penempatan di kawasan luar bandar sebagai khidmat negara, kata Setiausaha Agung Kesatuan Perkhidmatan Perguruan Kebangsaan (NUTP) Lok Yim Pheng semalam.Dengan perubahan paradigma ini, tempoh perkhidmatan mereka di kawasan luar bandar akan lebih bermanfaat dan berhasil kerana mereka akan dapat menjalankan tugas dan tanggungjawab mereka dengan penuh minat, katanya kepada Bernama.

Melalui sistem itu, NUTP berharap kerajaan akan membenarkan guru terbabit dipindahkan selepas mereka mengajar dua hingga tiga tahun di sekolah luar bandar.

“Apa yang berlaku sekarang ialah sebaik sahaja guru berkenaan ditempatkan untuk mengajar di kawasan luar bandar, mereka dilupakan dan dibiarkan di situ selama bertahun-tahun lamanya.

“Ini yang kami mahu elakkan dan akan menggesa Kementerian Pelajaran merumuskan sistem giliran yang adil dan saksama di mana semua guru baru diberi peluang mengajar di sekolah di luar bandar,” katanya.

Katanya NUTP yang mewakili 160,000 guru “menyokong penuh langkah kerajaan untuk mewajibkan guru baru ditempatkan di sekolah luar bandar.”

Bagaimanapun, kesatuan itu berharap kementerian akan membincangkan butiran terperinci mengenai cadangan itu dengan pelbagai wakil dan persatuan guru.

Minggu lepas, Timbalan Perdana Menteri Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, yang juga Menteri Pelajaran berkata kerajaan sedang menimbangkan untuk mewajibkan guru mengajar sekurang-kurangnya tiga hingga lima tahun di sekolah luar bandar dan pedalaman.

Kerajaan menawarkan ganjaran dan insentif lain untuk menarik guru supaya mengajar di kawasan luar bandar.

Pada ketika ini, guru yang mengajar di luar bandar dibayar elaun bertugas di pedalaman antara RM500 hingga RM1,500. — Bernama
(Borneo Post online)

Monday, March 1, 2010


Yes, this is the new blog of mine. I have deleted my previous blog that describes my unpredictable life for almost a year.I am not a kind of person who talks and flaunts openly. I choose blog as my medium to lighten my dissatisfactions, depict my feelings and etc. At first, I never put my interest at blogging but after it is officially revoked, frankly, I am feeling devastated. I am not decided do to so, but I have to for the sake of everyone’s life. Now, I start with a new one, new chapter.