Thursday, June 30, 2011


This is an overdue post and I am pretty sure those who scored well in their exam will be happy. ME? Huh.. I got my pointer result last Wednesday and that was during the MPPB of the new students. Firstly, I felt nothing, but apparently it was really, really excruciating. No need to mention my pointer right here and it’s enough to tell you that it didn’t hit my target. Perhaps it’s because of my less revision or last minute revision. nah... padan muka.

p/s really surprised when most of the juniors scored more than 3.8 pointer, wwuuuuuu!!!!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

time to relax? or worry?

exam is not over, yet.

always frightens me a lot.

Time flies too fast. And I never expect that I should go back to my campus by next week. Three weeks of semester break seem not enough for me. Haha. My days are fulled with driving tests. (hate this, really tiring you know). Actually, I know how to drive but not as competent as others. Well, I don’t have my “P” license since the cost to complete the driving course is too pricey. Okay, back to the topic. The time when I’m thinking about my result I’m totally freaked out, and so I’m very much tensed about this. This kinda worried me now. I can’t do anything other than thinking of what will I score. I don’t expect to score tremendous achievement but it’s undeniable, deep inside of my heart, I’m hoping for the best. Though I have written my exams well, I still lack of self-confidence. Perhaps, I have another week or two to wait for my dreadful exam results. Let me pray to God for the best and let fate do the rest. (impact: ‘enjoying’ my sleepless nights)

what grade do you expect on your exam slip? mix of grades? or...
all A's+ ?