Monday, December 19, 2011


This is completely bewildered and awful news for me, seriously. My friend told me this morning that our pointer can be checked through the website. She urged me to change my password before someone else checks my result. My pointer for this semester is such a damn number, terrible and bloody low. How it is possible for me to continue ace-ing in my exams if it is acting in such ways? Especially for my UAK paper, I scored the lowest grade which ruined my pointer totally. And I guessed, there must be a big mistake, because I sit this paper three days earlier than the actual date, and it was in the late evening. Arrrghh… this semester has been hell.
*pause for a split second* 
 I need to recheck it back by asking the Unit Peperiksaan and Penilaian. Back to me, am I studied wise? Absolutely, no. Frankly, I studied moderately, because I focused more on IPG activities. sometimes, i hate the bad side of me. :( But, even the hardest paper I sit last year was not that bad. And I am pretty sure; most of my friends will laugh at me.

Oh wait guys, I suppose blame myself too. My bad. My fault. FRUSTRATED, of course.
Bill Gates deserves it. So, me too.

Friday, December 16, 2011


Firstly, I’m sorry for not updating my blog and any picture from the day I went to Malacca and KL last week with my sister and youngest brother for five days. And thank you so much to my eldest sister for sponsoring our tickets. And thanks too to Air Asia for the cheap reasonable ticket prices. We booked these tickets six months earlier so the cost for three persons was quite ok for me. My eldest sister fetched us up at LCCT as she works in Klang. Thanks God her duty off application had been approved. We drove to Malacca on the first day and took four hours to arrive in Malacca, plus, honestly this was my very first time to be there. In short, Malacca is truly marks the historical territory in the world, as you see the old buildings and creations. The awe-inspiring view of the city during the night really becomes the fond memories because it is extravagantly decorated by the neon lights and so on. We stayed in Malacca for a night and headed up to KL on the next day. I wished to ho to Malacca Wonderland but time was running out. In KL, we shopped at Bukit Bintang, KL Sogo, Sunway Pyramid and Masjid India. I spent most of my money on garmentsJ. We were also window-shopped at Suria KLCC, Pavillion, MidValley, Time Square and managed take some shots. The Christmas decorations were simply awesome. 

 the old St. Paul's church in Malacca. it is situated at the peak of St. Paul's Hill
 This is the place where the priest was buried. i can see visitors throw their money into this cage and make wish.

 A Famosa

 1Malaysia touch and go card. it really eased our journey
 Thanks Lord, we mananged to go to St. Francis Xavier Church, PJ on Sunday

when "Buli Bah Kalau Kau" and "Bikin Panas" in KL

Sunday, December 11, 2011

carolling 2011

It’s an Advent season! That means it’s the time to start the Christmas Carols. “Joy to the world, the Lord is come!” Fyi, for many people, Christmas carols are synonymously with the holiday season and can invoke the spirit of Christmas in even the most Scrooge-like individuals. Originally, carols were religious hymns written about the birth of Christ. Carols were sung in church to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. In recent history, carols have come to encompass not only the nativity, but the Christmas season, and secular holiday traditions, including reindeer, snowmen, Santa Claus and more (source: Nowadays, carols are now sung from house to house in order to spread the good news by telling the families through the songs, and finally they will feel the love of God who has giving His son, our savior.

designed by; me. simple yet ok. 
the carollers


Friday, November 25, 2011

vacation activates

Holidays begin. Then, the only thing that I wish to do is lazing around every day. Forget the damn pretty hectic life, tons of troublesome assignments, exams… ah… I could not describe how relieved I am. Holidays start with snorkeling, my friend from Peninsular Malaysia has come to Sabah for two weeks and so I brought him to the two popular islands in Sabah, Manukan and Sapi Island. Plus, we were also visited Kundasang, the Switzeland of Sabah, I guessed. Before I left him in KK to meet his friend, we managed to visit Pasar Filipin, and those who do not know, it is a place where pearl jewelleries are sold widely and the price is reasonable. In short, the 3 days outing was really fantastic! Happy holidays all.

more pictures, click this

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

holidays mood

Holidays, please do come quickly, so that I could have a rest in it. Arrghhh... I really feel tired for these passed few days, busy preparing for the coming exams. My first paper will starts on Nov 8th and last on Nov 17th. Imagine that, almost everyday, I stay up late to catch all those things that I’ve been missed and do exercises. Progress? No comment. I felt very stressful and usually in the dismal mood. Huhu. Holidays, holidays, holidays… am I home-sick? Nope. Actually, I just wanna free from my dreadful daily routines, and you know it too. I miss to lay on my soft bed for the whole day and do anything what I can’t do in ordinary days. Holidays are meant to be enjoyed, otherwise you’ll missed the good things in life, trust me.

early holidays? i wish, i am one of the schoolboys.

UBF 2011 ends

Today is the last day of our UBF assembly. There will be no early wake-up, no rush and no march. UBF is a compulsory subject that should be taken by all teacher trainees in third and fourth semester. Assembly must be held on Wednesday and followed by any activity of the UBF society. For society that conduct the assembly will in charge as the m.c., leader of the whole command, presentation and word of the day.  After this, surely I would miss all these things especially the Perajurit Tanahair anthem.

Pandu Puteri Cadet
Kadet Remaja Sekolah
here we are.

final presentation conducted by KPP

i was a surprise, our Vice Directed conducted a game instead of giving his speech
final command
relieved. there will be no UBF assembly
BSMM huh.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Debat IPG Peringkat Kebangsaan

finally, ipg debate has finished. Around two weeks sangat packed dgn BIG (anak angkat) lepas tu buat report dan refleksi BIG. Argghh... then buat research debat lah. sudah kena bagitahu debat kena postpone, then apa lagi, we kept on procrastinating, focus dulu benda2 yang penting. haha.

anyway, the competition was suach a great experience for me and friends, especially Junichiro (PPISMP Tesl Sem 1), even he is really new, but surely this would be "batu loncatan" for him to do much better next time. (^_^) below are the topics for first round, semi-quarter and semi-final round. Topic for final round will be given 30 mins before the final debate.

Usul utk pusingan awal, suku dan separuh akhir shj.
1. Pendidikan dan perpaduan, seiring tidak sehaluan.
2. MBMMBI bukan jawapannya.
3. Sekolah Jenis Kebangsaan masih relevan.
4. isu pendidikan, kita perlu lebih terbuka.
5. Rukun Negara hanya hafalan, bukan amalan.
6. Demonstrasi penghalang pembentukan perpaduan.
7. Guru perlu dibenarkan berpolitik.
8. KPI meransang kualiti perkhidmatan awam.
9. Meritokrasi pengukuh perpaduan negara.
10. Pendemokrasian pendidikan, bumiputera tetap ketinggalan.
11. Sekolah Berprestij Tinggi: Satu lagi jenama.
12. Demonstrasi lambang demokrasi.
13. Jaringan sosial di internet, satu ketagihan.
14. Model Ekonomi Baru, pendidikan dipinggirkan.
15. Integriti: Pendidikan lebih berkesan daripada penguatkuasaan.
16. Sistem Pendidikan perlukan wajah baru.
17. Lambakan graduan, silapnya para graduan.
18. Kuota Bumiputera, tongkat yang perlu dibuang.
19. Masalah birokrasi menyekat kemajuan pendidikan.
20. Isu pendidikan hanya buah mulut media.
21. Pendidikan Negara maju, model terbaik untuk Malaysia.
22. Senario politik semasa menggugat keharmonian kaum.
23. ISO menjamin kualiti perkhidmatan.
24. Perkembangan JERIS hanya di atas kertas.
25. 1 Malaysia: Yang dikejar tak dapat, yang dikendong berciciran.

Congrates to IPG Kampus Gaya, KK debaters on winning the competition. Usul: Sekolah vernakular mendukung gagasan 1 Malaysia IPG Kampus Gaya (govt) vs IPG Kampus BM, KL (opp). Tahniah3!!! The sysytem used in this comp was "Swiss Power Match", everything is determined by computer, first round ada 6 sidang, so sidang 1 ditentukan oleh computer, then kalau menang or not, jumpa yg ada menang 1 match @ tidak menanglah. Ranking juga ditentukan berdasarkan jumlah kemenangan dlm 6 sidang, then juri, margin dan markah keseluruhan. btw, kami x layak masuk 8 pasukan yang mara ke suku akhir. :( what can we do, rezeki sampai disini.

Dalam sistem power match ni, 3 tajuk dipilih setiap sidang. Kerajaan @ pembangkang ditentukan oleh komputer. lepas tu discuss dgn lawan utk tentukan apa tajuk yg ingin didebatkan. so lepas tu hanya 3omins diberikan b4 the debate. so, duduk and stay dimana2 ja, everywhere, orang pun lalu-lalang, but tak kisah, yang penting discussion berjalan.

well mcm biasa, 3sidang on the first day, and 3 more sidang on the next day. Ada 1 sidang, Junichiro's first attempt masa vs Kampus Sultan Mizan.

Berikut adalah keputusan bagi keenam2 sidang:
Sidang 1: IPG K. Ilmu Khas (IPIK)-kerajaan VS IPG K. Keningau (IPKeningau)-pembangkang
Usul: Sekolah Jenis Kebangsaan (SJK) masih relevan
IPKeningau menang, juri: 3-0, margin: 4.6, pendebat terbaik: Ronald (IPKeningau)

Sidang 2: IPG K. Keningau (IPK)-kerajaan VS IPG K. Gaya (IPGaya)-pembangkang
Usul: MBMMBI bukan jawapannya.
IPGaya menang, juri: 3-0, margin: 5.3, pendebat terbaik: Farik (IPGaya)

Sidang 3: IPG K. Keningau (IPK)-kerajaan VS IPG K. Islam (IPIS)-pembangkang
Usul: Rukun Negara hanya hafalan, bukan amalan.
IPKeningau menang, juri: 2-1, margin: 6.5, pendebat terbaik: Khairunie (IPKeningau)

Sidang 4: IPG K. Sultan Mizan (IPSM)-kerajaan VS IPG K. Keningau (IPK)-pembangkang
Usul: Pendidikan Negara Maju, model terbaik untuk Malaysia.
IPKeningau menang, juri: 2-1, margin: 3, pendebat terbaik: Khairunie (IPKeningau)

Sidang 5: IPG K. Sultan Abg Halim (IPSAH)-kerajaan VS IPG K. Keningau (IPK)-pembangkang
Usul: Lambakan graduan, silapnya pada graduan.
IPSAH menang, juri: 2-1, margin: 2, pendebat terbaik: Noorazan (IPSAH)

Sidang 6: IPG K. Rajang (IPRajang)-kerajaan VS IPG K. Keningau (IPK)-pembangkang
Usul: Demonstrasi lambang demokrasi.
IPRajang menang, juri: 3-0, margin: 1.67, pendebat terbaik: Sufri (IPRajang)

next time, apa2 pun. kena analisis apa kelemahan dan cari kekuatan. hehe. harap2 next time penganjuran tetap ada agar semua debaters dapat reunion setiap tahun hehe.

Piala Pusingan yang berjaya dirangkul oleh pasukan Juara, tahniah semua!!!