Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Back to the track

Back to the track.
I do miss my last December. When I was in Philippines in early December, went to caroling for two weeks, enjoyed Christmas parties, attended nuptial days and New Year as well.
I was also receive my results. There is no words that could describe how happy I was as I have scored better than those who incredibly had burning the midnight oils.
I do still remember that my friends were striving from the day to the night, everyday. Meanwhile, me, I was still have time to waste; went out for meetings, and other extra-activities. I am not trying to boast for myself; at least my little effort has paid off. I did my very best during the exams with adequate preparations but I was sure I could do better. Sometimes, confidence level really helps, and it’s working.
Plus, I scored A for my second practicum, and it is the second time after the first one. Unfortunately,  my total CGPA is terribly make me down a bit. Heavens collide. Frustration. Mixed feelings. Messed up.
All in all, frankly speaking, I should thank God, at least the slight increment of the CGPA has cheer me up and soon will be ‘remain up continuously without any down’ anymore.

Two semesters left.
I have set my 2013 resolutions to drive me, to where should I go and decide for the sake of my entirelife, perhaps. Any beginning, there must be an end. The power is in me, I am the director; who directs, amends, and conducts me myself, the actor to windup and finally come up with a happy ending and success in any endeavor, as it should be.

God is listening to my prayers. With fully trust and faith, all will be given and granted.

Good night J