Friday, April 30, 2010


It is more than one month I have not jot down anything in my blog. This is due the busyness that I have gone through all this time. Well, since blogging is not my hobby and precedence, so I just type something whenever I have any free time. These are several stories that I would like to tell you.

(1) A week of SBE at SK Pasir Puteh Keningau from 22-26th of April 2010 was a great experience for me. A litlle bit bizarre when the pupils call me "sir" or "cikgu". Honestly, having the passion and desire of being a teacher and involve in this career is hard for me, i'm sure the "kid" will strengthen me to resist in order to be a TEACHER. Now, I am realized, i like children very much because i only have one lil bro, itu pun suda besar panjang. so, no children at home.. huhu~

(2) Pidato. Pidato Integriti, National Level was held at Integrity Institute KL, from 4-6th of April 2010. Before that, the competition was held at IP Kent Tuaran for Sabah Zone. I got the 3rd place and then represented Sabah Zone with others. Well, for the National Level, luck was not goes to me, when I got only “saguhati” and got RM200, plaque, certificate. I will took this experience and try to overcome my weaknesses. Congrates to the finalists.

(3) Silver Jubilee. Last week, IPG Keningau celebrated its’ Silver Jubilee for one week. That week was the busiest week until the main event on Friday, which was the Majlis Perasmian by the Deputy of Sabah Chief Minister. Our class was being chosen to be the “penyambut tetamu” for the whole week. Besides that, I was also involved as the MC for some small-events and choir performance. No lectures and tutorials at all but the week was full by various activities. In short, it was a success after IPG Keningau exists since 1985. Congratulations to all for making the Silver Jubilee Celebration of IPG Keningau a meaningful success.

(4) Assignment. Finally, I have accomplished all of them successfully. Well, the time now is just focusing on the exam and UAK (Ujian Akhir Kursus) for ELP, Kokum and TITAS. I had sat one paper (kokum) last Monday. The questions were Ok, and for sure, I am hoping for get A for it because even though it is only a simple subject to be learned but its’ UAK is also contribute the pointer of every semester. That is what I am fear of. Then next Monday will be my TITAS and ELP UAK. TITAS, with lots of facts to be memorized, I do not put any hope on it, get B for it is more than enough for me, if “A” or “A-“, it is a bonus and I should be thankful to God. Ah… I just let the time to decide. The contents of TITAS are not much different from History subject in STPM. But, it is emphasizing on the Asian and Islamic Civilization. So, those who have strong right side brain, memorizing will not be a problem.

(5) Coming soon. Last night, a selection was held to choose the debate team (BM) of IPG Keningau. There were six of us, and my name was out listed from the team. I was not that sad because I think they are those who are the best and go for the competition, on 10th May 2010 at IPG Tawau. Actually, my aim is the forum competition but don’t know when is the date of competition. But, that morning, it was a shock when one of the team members cannot go for the debate competition. So, I replace her. Do pray for me so that I can do the best.

(pics will be uploaded later)

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