Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Years ago when i was a boy, when Ramadan was coming, the only thing that i thought of was the Muslims are not eating at all (fasting) from the dawn until the sunset. That's all. But, as time goes by, then i know, Ramadan is the Islamic month of fasting in which participating Muslims refrain from eating, drinking and sexual activities, and yes from dawn until sunset. I still remember during my last time, i kept on asking my friend, "what about when someone is falling sick?", "how about the pregnant moms?", "boleh kah kalau berak time puasa?", boleh korek hidung kah kalau gatal?", all these were among the questions that i asked to him. and thanks to him, he never bored to answered me. I still remember, during the midday, i drank in front of my friends, without say sorry, and my teacher advised me to respect my friends. *tq teacher*. That was when i was a boy. I still remember, when i was in secondary school, i experienced my first fasting attempt, but my sahur was at 6.20pm. then during my recess time, i ate candy and keropok. FAILED! I still remember, the next day, i took my breakfast at 6.00, quite early because i cooked it by myself. i didn't take anything the whole day, my friend kept on motivised me. then in the evening, he spent me ABC special after i made it! I still remember, my coursemate and i fasted and sungkai together, and it was during my PPISMP programme in my campus. and it was so much fun! and now I will always remember to be grateful because what about those who die due to the serious farmish, thirst and hunger? think about it.


  1. puasa ni... sebab gemuk suda sya ba... hahahha

  2. hahaha susah diet time posa... sungkai habis-habisan