Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Hi December, welcome back! Here you are! Eleven months have walked away and I just cannot expect that you are here again because you come just a blink of an eye. As I’m counting the days, apparently I still have one month to go, to enjoy my "honeymoon" before go through the harsh conditions back. For sure, I will try to fix and fork out my days optimally while waiting 2011.DECEMBER. What does it mean? Yes, Christmas is just a few sleeps away. Hmm…I wonder what will be on this year. Here in our place, as December enters, carolers start serenading houses (I will be one of them) and people starts decorating their places. It’s a sign that Christmas is finally here. How exciting, a lot of ways to unwind and freshen up our minds from a stressful year at work (my parents and sisters) and in college or school (me and my only little brother). Well, December seems to be the month where folks are frantic to finish shopping for the holidays and I can see my mother makes a list of items to be purchased for Christmas. It also indicates the end of another year, and if it is like the previous months, it will take wings and fly far too fast. May we all enjoy this great month, strive to do what is right, and always remember the only reason for this magnificent Month and Season is JESUS.

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