Thursday, September 22, 2011

BSSM in Pediatric Ward

yesterday, all the BSMM members of IPG Kampus Keningau went to Pediatric Ward, Hosp Keningau. ini untuk memenuhi proforma BSMM for this sem, Khidmat masyarakat. our first plan mau pegi old-folks home tapi time is running out, so buat yang dekat saja. 3 hours at the ward was really memorable. we greeted the children, made them happy so they would appreciate how wonderful life is. sebab most of them are suffering of Thalasemia, jantung berlubang, and etc. the only thing that made me cry was when i saw a baby in coma, ada cecair dalam his brain. and the baby is only 1 year plus. in short, people should go and give them happiness, and for me it's enough when a smile is shown from their face.
just arrived at the hospital lobby (hosp ada lobi kah? hehe)

waiting for the SN be distributed to the kids...
... on the way to the ward...

... briefing from thr nurse...

let's colouring
ini pesakit jantung berlubang
"colour me", said the Doctor in the picture


i was singing, acted out and they followed me
they smile, i smile

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