Thursday, March 11, 2010


yes I'm now drowning in the ocean that full of draggy assignments
after i had submitted my second assignment yesterday, they come again...
and now I need to accomplish all these crappy bullshits and irksome assignments within two weeks... perhaps, it is a process of learning but, instead of sitting all hours in front of your laptop, retype the contents from the source books, copy and paste from the relevant websites, for me, i've learn nothing! huh! it sukx! sometimes, after we have done our best to complete all those things, unfortunately, sky is not always bright as predicted, the lecturers are not lenient in giving marks, whose errors 4 all these? of course ours, bcz lecturers are always right!

think +vely, +vely... I'm sure some of my friends would have the same thought like me... (maybe.. i hope so..) because all of us are in the same boat, right guys???!!! sorry, I just want to evince and verbalize on what I feel now. I need to stand patiently to ensure that I would get through the harsh situation i guessed


  1. hi sinting... be my follower... baru buat kan.. i've deleted my preious blog ba..