Friday, March 19, 2010


Today, 19th March 2010... It's SATURDAY!!! Why do I said so? After enjoying one week of school break, then I need to go back to campus tomorrow, back to the trainee’s routines. A week of holiday doesn’t enough for me, time runs too fast. On the first day, I joined the Barnabas Camp, and it lasted after 3 days. Then, I went to KK about 2 days. I was at home on Wednesday, and from that day, I just sit in front of my laptop and do my shitload of assignments. 3more to go! Procrastination will ends nothing. Yes, I really trust on that. When I am putting off, delaying or deferring my assignments to a later time, then it will become worse. Hehehe. Besides that, I need to do my prepared speech for my upcoming Pidato Competition. It will be held in Malaysia Integrity Institute on 4-6th of APril 2010. I have to choose 2 topics out of 25. I am depressed when the topics given are quite complicated to figure out. Help me!
p/s: pray for me and wish me luck to do the best

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