Sunday, May 16, 2010


I still have 4 days to go before I sit my examination. Yes, it often tensed me up. Fear of having bad results affrighted me a lot. I don’t want it happens again when I got quite bad results in my last semester examination for my foundation programme. This is my first semester for PISMP programme. After I have accomplished all the tedious assignments given by the lecturers, then I need to revise all those things learnt before. It will be a wearisome task when I need to grasp the chapters from the beginning even the lecturer had taught us before. It’s about the subject that I found out the most complicated subject to be understood compared to the others. Yes, it’s undeniable that I really love my course currently, but honestly it’s hard for me to master certain chapters of the subject, let me tell you that it’s disturbingly frustrating! No need to state here what the subject is, and maybe my classmates would also experience the same. I’m not blaming the lecturer, No! But, how come when most hours of the lecture just focus on the finding syllabus? It is nothing when I just study only because of wishing to pass the exam but not gain and understand the knowledge. So, what should I do then? I really hope that, the results of my exam (even though I haven’t sit my exam yet) would be better than previously. High expectation will end up badly, I trust on that. sometimes, i lose my enthusiasm, often give-up. but, i'll try to put it to the back of my mind and try to do the best in my exam. huh... wish me luck guys


  1. tq sinting.. o ya, hw was ur papers? hehe..

  2. You're most welcome...:)
    I think I will get bad result for this semester examination.
    Oh no.. T_T

  3. dnt ever have that kind of thought la sis,
    ure a smart student like bryan so, it's impossible 2 score badly. ngehehe

  4. aiks...
    suppose to be "smart students like RONALD and BRYAN" ma... hehehehe...

  5. no sinting.. it's u la sis, bcz u r the 1 who ask me for the .... Bryan la yg smart except me.. me? getting lazy dad by day. ahaks.

  6. hi. so hw's ur day? after.....

  7. =.=
    I think I will be fine.
    Thank you x 1000000000 :P