Saturday, May 29, 2010

hujan seja ba

It’s been raining almost everyday for a week. sometimes, it rains from morning to late evening. Luckily, the downpours is not that heavy or else, some places may be flooded, especially Mandalom or somewhere in Tenom (tanah rendah kan). Hmm, I may be have flu due to the cold atmosphere for these past few days and I end up with having cough. It was difficult to get a good sleep last night with this runny nose and nasty cough. My throat hurts every time I cough. I was also shivering under the blanket. Oh God, help me to get well soon so that i could do my job comfortably. I am not decided to go to the clinic to get my medication because I know the meds given by the doc will cause drowsiness, then my day will be lousy just because of somnolence. eee...i don't want! bullshit eh...


  1. I noticed that u always sick kan?
    flu and cough...
    hmm... take care :)

  2. yeap. pity me. so need to drink plenty of H2o~ ngehehe