Saturday, September 4, 2010

pbs 2: Sk. St Anthony Tenom

My School Based Experience (SBE) Programme was just ended two days ago. I did my SBE at my former primary school, SK. St Anthony Tenom, the school which had moulded parts of my life. I should thank to my IP when all PISMP Sem 2 and 4 trainees are given the chances to decide which school will they do their SBE. I wasn’t do it solely, but I have 3 friends from IPG Tawau. I was a bit trembling during I went to the school for the first day. Imagine that, at the time I stepped up towards the school (as it is situated on the hill), I scanned everything when I was a boy; running away if I saw the Guru Disiplin, I bowed my head then said “Good Morning teacher” when I passed by in front of my teacher, and etc. All these came back abruptly after I have put it to the back of my mind for years! And now, it was totally different, not only the view and building of school, but the pupils called me “cikgu” or “sir”, the word that I used it during my past. In short, I enjoyed my SBE eventhough it was only a week. The pupils are so cute and surely they will love me as I love them too (hehehehe). Indeed, they are like my little brothers and sisters. Plus, if I have many children like them, certainly I will be very happy. Oh, it’s ridiculous!

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