Monday, October 11, 2010


Imagine that, I almost forgot about my blog password. After 4 trials I guessed, then finally I can sign in. When you see the date of the previous entry, it seems more than a month that I haven’t post anything. And I could see the dust, dirt and even the spider web in my blog. Lols. When my schedule are fully packed with truckload of assignments, blogging is not my priority anymore. Plus I have to execute my group tasks. Arrrgghh! Enough! Before I end, I would like to thank to everyone who had helped me during my Forum and Pidato Competition (IPG Sabah Zone Level). I just can expect that time flies too fast. After about 1 month++, I would move on to the next semester of my degree programme. All tasks were done; Exhibitions, Final Course Test (UAK), School Based Experience (SBE), Presentations, Assignments. 3 things that not complete yet; MQA File, BIG 2nd Phase and final exam. Omg~

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