Tuesday, July 5, 2011


ok, i just found out that i am selected to attend the KOGUM. Anyway, KOGUM stands for Konvensyen Guru-guru Muda Malaysia. Actually i have heard this rumors last week and those who should go must be a JPP member and aged 21 years old or above, plus the number of trainee is just 18 persons. so, i never put any hope, because i still under-aged, below 21. haha. then suddenly, i received a call from the Head of Trainees Affair Department. wuhuuu... i will be going there! after the meeting, there are only 9 of us and perhaps will be added some more, hopefully. see you there rulers!

*i tried to find some info about this KOGUM, and i only found this.


  1. "*i tried to find some info about this KOGUM, and i only found this." (Ronald, july 5th, 2011)

    "i tried to find some info about KOGUM, and i found your blog on the 1st page. tapi bhgian bwh2 la.. hehe" (aliz_nana, july 6th, 2011)

  2. UM - ROVE & MEESE.
    You have fucked so many students get prepared for a backlash.
    And NATALIE is going to help all these students get their own kind of VENGEANCE with the help of the mob.
    You see, we don't like CORRUPT GOVERNMENTS and particularly when they pretend to CARE!!
    Or pretend to be ROYAL!
    So, you sit back and hope to god you die of a heart attacks.
    We sincerely hope you do not.
    They're all in critical condition.

  3. Oh hi then! I attended that too. Yeah, right..lots of lectures and I'm sure a lot of us slept throughout the talks etc. haha
    and I was quite upset because we didn't stand a chance to sing the IPG song. the new one. That's our trademark as teacher trainees, right [well, for at least].
    The GPMS song again and again.

    well, I do enjoy every moment though, because we got the chance to sit together during meal times. =)