Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A big thank you sale from Air Asia

Air Asia Airlines made its promotion today. The cost of all tickets dropped drastically, and the promotion starts from February to June in next year. So, macam biasa my friends yang from Labuan and Peninsular Malaysia booked for themselves, and untuk saudara-mara juga. Imagine that, there was no lecture sebab pensyarah pun busy book ticket. Suddenly, my friend yang dari Sabah ajak jalan-jalan in KL, class trip konon. Apa lagi, they booked the tickets la. They asked me to join them. Firstly I refused, because my reasons sebab should have lots of pocket money and the second one, I boring sudah di KL. Wuuu… after I heard their discussion that they are planning to go somewhere; Langkawi Island, Padang Besar, Genting Highland and KL, plus the non-stop cajole, akhirnya saya join juga. Haha. The trips starts on 10 till 15th of March 2012, and the total price of my ticket (BKI-KUL, KUL-BKI) is just RM38. So, kena simpan duit la from now on. Yang lain pergi KL in June, next year. Yang lain go nowhere, remain in Sabah during the holidays (10-18th March 2012). Arrrrgghh… I need sponsor.


  1. astaga!! murah mau juga tapi cepat habis..huhu

  2. hi dayang. yea sangat murah kan.... hehe