Wednesday, October 19, 2011

UBF 2011 ends

Today is the last day of our UBF assembly. There will be no early wake-up, no rush and no march. UBF is a compulsory subject that should be taken by all teacher trainees in third and fourth semester. Assembly must be held on Wednesday and followed by any activity of the UBF society. For society that conduct the assembly will in charge as the m.c., leader of the whole command, presentation and word of the day.  After this, surely I would miss all these things especially the Perajurit Tanahair anthem.

Pandu Puteri Cadet
Kadet Remaja Sekolah
here we are.

final presentation conducted by KPP

i was a surprise, our Vice Directed conducted a game instead of giving his speech
final command
relieved. there will be no UBF assembly
BSMM huh.