Wednesday, October 19, 2011

holidays mood

Holidays, please do come quickly, so that I could have a rest in it. Arrghhh... I really feel tired for these passed few days, busy preparing for the coming exams. My first paper will starts on Nov 8th and last on Nov 17th. Imagine that, almost everyday, I stay up late to catch all those things that I’ve been missed and do exercises. Progress? No comment. I felt very stressful and usually in the dismal mood. Huhu. Holidays, holidays, holidays… am I home-sick? Nope. Actually, I just wanna free from my dreadful daily routines, and you know it too. I miss to lay on my soft bed for the whole day and do anything what I can’t do in ordinary days. Holidays are meant to be enjoyed, otherwise you’ll missed the good things in life, trust me.

early holidays? i wish, i am one of the schoolboys.

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