Monday, December 19, 2011


This is completely bewildered and awful news for me, seriously. My friend told me this morning that our pointer can be checked through the website. She urged me to change my password before someone else checks my result. My pointer for this semester is such a damn number, terrible and bloody low. How it is possible for me to continue ace-ing in my exams if it is acting in such ways? Especially for my UAK paper, I scored the lowest grade which ruined my pointer totally. And I guessed, there must be a big mistake, because I sit this paper three days earlier than the actual date, and it was in the late evening. Arrrghh… this semester has been hell.
*pause for a split second* 
 I need to recheck it back by asking the Unit Peperiksaan and Penilaian. Back to me, am I studied wise? Absolutely, no. Frankly, I studied moderately, because I focused more on IPG activities. sometimes, i hate the bad side of me. :( But, even the hardest paper I sit last year was not that bad. And I am pretty sure; most of my friends will laugh at me.

Oh wait guys, I suppose blame myself too. My bad. My fault. FRUSTRATED, of course.
Bill Gates deserves it. So, me too.

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