Tuesday, January 31, 2012


i went to Miri, Sarawak with my mom, sis and aunts to attend the wedding of my youngest aunt. 4days in Miri was really awesome for me. It remarks the evolution on how Sarawak develops until it is declared as the second main city after Kuching. To sum up, i love Miri so much and frankly to say, i will be going again in some other time, who knows. 
 just arrived Miri airport. it was 0730.
 i breakfasted with "Mee Sua", and the taste was a bit "bizarre"
 sister at the main lobby
 choosing Sarawak batik
 my "seafoods"
 the awe-inspiring view of Miri (bukan keseluruhan) from Imperial Hotel 20th floor
 the cheap, well-known and reasonable price "Mee Kolok". it costs RM2/bowl

 my dog

 one of my favourites

May my aunt with her husband will be blessed together with prosperity and wealth 


  1. Lovely photos and yes, Miri is a beautiful place with lotsa handicraft to choose from.

    1. yes. and plus the active bars and restaurants during the night. i like! hehe

  2. Replies
    1. Miri. i love Miri. i fall in love to Miri. :) wanna go there again. this is my promise. btw, where are u come from? Miri?

    2. Huhuhu...Me? From's 2-3 hours-journey from Miri...but I have lots of family staying at fav shopping malls, bintang plaza, merdeka mall, imperial mall too...can't wait to go HOME!!!

    3. wow. hopefully, i will go to Marudi some other time, and u be my "guider" :)Imperial mall? wow, i stayed at imperial hotel! hehe.