Sunday, February 12, 2012

MPPB again!

Selamat datang guru pelatih baharu PPISMP GSTT (ambilan khas) Jan 2012 dan DPLI GSTT Ambilan Feb 2012 (9-11 Feb). Three orientations within one month and i'm pretty sure, lecturers will keep on asking where am i during the day. This is so damn tired and to those who never experience it, try to get involve in JPP. Well, most of the trainees are among gstt former teachers and the hardest part to handle during the orientation was to train them on how to improve and boost the self-control and tell them about the "Budaya IPG". But, for me, the only way to win over them is through our effective communication skills. Indeed, my past experience really has taught me a lot.
"experience is more powerful than knowledge"

 briefing about HEP
 the ajks
 "amanat": they need take good care of it throughout the orientation

 Latihan Dalam Kumpulan (LDK)

 ice breaking session


  1. ronald, sikit nyer new student..kiteorang punya sangat ramai...tapi lelaki melayu juz 3 orang jer..
    selebihnya chinese, india and byk perempuan..

    1. wah ye ke... mmg mantaplah jumlah pengambilan ipg korang kan... hehe opsyen apa ya?

  2. wow.. same here... the lec keep on asking why we didnt enter their class^^ BTW.. my cuzzie is there [in the pic^^]... ahahhahaha....

    1. hahaha. make sure u catch up and grasp all those things that u have missed aaa... mana satu ni cuzzie ko??? hehe