Thursday, February 24, 2011

February 24th

Today is my dad’s birthday. Happy Birthday daddy! I'm a horrible son! I didn't realize it was my dad's birthday today until I got a freaking Facebook reminder. Don’t be surprised that my daddy has a Facebook account too. Ok, I used to call him, “daddy” since I was in childhood. And he’s now turning 50 but for me my daddy doesn’t look like 50s’, seriously. He’s a cool man and he could be a “Raja Lawak” compared to my mom who always with her daily ramblings. Oh gosh! Sometimes we can be friends and imagine that my daddy and I could sit in the bar all night long and drink bottles of Beer. Sounds great huh! He’s a non-smoker, and oh yeah, I still remember one of his memorable advices but pretty funny I think, he said, “if anyone of his children especially the sons wish to be a smoker, they are free to be kicked out of the house”. Lol. I’m always wondering, what else can I do to make his birthday good and special? I did give him presents, wallet etc, but these entire do not worth to repay the sacrifices. Perhaps, someday, I would become a successful person, and that time you will say, “that’s my son!”. Once again, Happy Birthday Daddy, I love you daddy and May God bless you always. Amen

saya belum lagi tapun naik Gunung Kinabalu. bila la ni aaa? kwn2 ramai suda naik.


  1. heheh.. ksi wsh happy birthday pd dady ko ahh..dri kami sekeluarga bilang.. heheh... uncle ajis yg paling sporting..

  2. uncle kunun. abg ba... ko bekazen kan dgn mamy