Friday, May 20, 2011

rehat sekejap

Short break! Arrgghhh… I’m taking my short break after studying Anatomy and Physiology under pressure. Wth! I need to memorize the structures of the human anatomy etc, and imagine that there are 15 chapters! So, those (I’m addressing the teacher trainees in IPG) who will take PJ as their major, this subject is the first minor, I repeat, first minor. Because in sem 3, there will be two major subjects (your course), and two minor subjects plus one compulsory subject. For me, my majors are Statistics Resources in Mathematics. Surely, Statistics makes me getting insane. One paper has passed, Pengurusan Bilik Darjah and I answered quite smoothly (padahal menangis2 time menjawab). It’s all about facts but don’t worry, as long as you KBKK is logic, your answer is acceptable. O.k. next week will be my gratifying week. 4papers in 4 days. Whoa… paling ngam! Oppsss… I hope to type more but it’s seems like Statistics is calling me. Ok gtg. And o yeah before that, since I’ve no picture to be posted here, so fyi I was awarded the Anugerah Tunas Bahasa 2010 during the Teacher’s Day celebration. Kekeke. Tunas Bahasa la konon, padahal opsyen Maths. Btw Tq.


  1. itu dia tunas bahasa!
    congratz ^^,

  2. astaga... niza... kalau elaun aku d tambah sebanyak 1000rm mau la aku kahkahah