Thursday, May 12, 2011


Omg, i almost forgot my blog password. More than two months without any entry. Well, I do post something when the time let me to do it. I’m not eager to post anything every day, but when I’m trying to talk to someone, to express something that comes from my heart, then this is the right place to tell what actually accumulate in my soul. Another depressing week that I should go through before the final exam of this semester. Five major papers await me to sit them. Duration: 2 hours and 30 minutes for each paper. And it sounds silly that i’m attempting to reread all the books (=_=) and cramming all nights. Okay, one of my lecturers had told us, the average of our pointer so far is very mediocre. Don’t ask about mine, it’s totally atrocious. Sometimes, I can’t focus on my revision. I keep on remembering someone, and the memories too, and the only thing that I would do is see all the pictures, and it’s undeniable, I miss you so much. Huh... Lastly, I think that’s all for now, hope that I could post something very soon.
Hoping too that all my last minute revision would pay off in the exam


  1. never hurt a girl more than once :)

  2. Sinting: but I had hurt a girl more than once. and now i want the past to come back to me. hopefully. could i?

    zoul: blajar! ganbate aaa!

  3. If you've the confidence that you will not hurt her again, why not? :D