Friday, August 19, 2011

advanced birthday celeb

Last night, my classmates and I went to Keningau Food Court Centre (KFCC) to break the fast. honestly, i was not fasting during the day. cuma tidak ambil heavy food yang ada carbs la, and i just drank plain water when thirsty or even hungry. Since my birthday falls on August 31st, plus it's during the holidays, so my friends made an advanced birthday celebration untuk kami yg bulan August ni. there are two of us who born in August. Actually, it's our class tradition yang those who celebrate birthday will sponsor the cake. but, last night, our beloved tutor yang belanja. tq so much Mr. Naim, unfortunately dia tiada masa tu hehe. lepas makan terus balik sebab masih tension pasal assignments yang belambak2. imagine that, we have 5 ASS to be submitted after the 1 week break. 1 minggu tu mcm 1 hari ja o... terpaksa lah stay up mau kasih siap at least buat sikit2 la. btw, enjoy the photos.
Debora (left), ummu (right)
the cake. ignore the number

bryan (left), azrul (right)
the females, 1 was missing
American cheese cake. not that bad
senyum2 sekali terkejut nampak kek kena kasih keluar from the box
blowing the candles

in short, i love my friends indeed.


  1. Mr. Naim sponsored the cake? wow! It's amazing ;D

  2. amazing right. it was a truly miracle. haha. mau minta spend from your tutor lg ni