Wednesday, August 3, 2011

may their soul wil R.I.P

few months ago, i bought a pair of rabbits and kept them as pets. and i still remember, it was on 7th of Feb, and imagine that, their size was like a kid's fist size. very small and cute. i called them Brownie and Whitey, based in the colour of their fur. Actually, i kept them just for "suka-suka", cz i like to hug them lol. few months later, the female had given birth two rabbit babies and both died, eaten by the father. then, tidak sampai 1 month, again the mother give birth two rabbit babies. and i can see the babies were soooo cute.

the father and mother

suddenly, i received a bad news from my mom, my rabbits have died this morning. the babies kids and the mother. the one that survive is the father. =( may their soul will RIP.

lived with me for 6 months
selepas saja Whitey give birth, it seemed like mcm patah kaki, she was unable to move her two legs. and when i asked someone yang pembela arnab, he said maybe patah kena hit the father and finally akan die juga. =(
May God bless you

remain survive

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