Saturday, February 25, 2012

Merentas Desa 2012

Finally, IPG Keningau Campus cross-country event 2012 has become a success. This programme was fully conducted by the Semester 5 trainee teachers. Thank you so much to those who have helped us in myriad ways in order to make this event goes smoothly. Holy tired! I also finished my 8.5 km run, and contibuted 2 points to my rumah sukan.

the banner
this is the pathway that they should follow. The males should run 8.5 km, meanwhile females 5.5 km.
thanks to PJ trainees teacher for conducting the aerobic exercises. They enjoyed it!
Thanks a lot to Madam Director and Mr. Vice Director for the support.
starting point
run baby run!
female trainess
male trainees
smile reduces tiredness
run baby run!
waiting for the results
winners for each category
Mat Salleh obtained the highest points, and it's my rumah sukan!

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