Monday, January 17, 2011

time; please passes quickly

The Chinese New Year break will begin in two more weeks. And for sure, I will spend my CNY celebration in Membakut, my mother’s hometown. I could envisage all the activities and hopefully this year would bring something better for me than last year. One week of holidays is not long enough for me, I’ve to attend my cousin Shayne’s wedding for two days, window shopping at the malls in Kota Kinabalu with no money (lol), do my assignments (=_=) and etc. By the way, I’ve set on what should I do during my holidays. GIVE US A BREAK!

  • Lazing around at my home sweet home
  • Chillin with friends
  • Eat eat and eat
  • Waking up in the noon and miss the morning (i like it most)
  • Sleeping late at night and sometimes at dawn (+_+)
  • Catch movies or dramas in late night
  • Having random dates

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