Tuesday, November 2, 2010


I thought that I was fairly well prepared for this subject and could answer smoothly. But, it was absolutely nuts. I was not able to answer the structural part and even the essays questions. "yang penting jangan biar kosong". I pretty sure my performance during my first paper was really bad and terrible, really worried that I haven't done well enough to score well. I hope that I passed and at least then there might be some generosity with the marks. I’m not blaming the questions but some of it was unfamiliar, I mean the all the books that I used to read do not mention the names, the principles etc. I asked some of my friends and i interested to see what others thought. They are also found it tough. Huh. Ok, ok past it past. Then 3 more papers to go. oh, i wanna to share something. check it out!

Mau kasi sedap hati sendiri… so funny!

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