Saturday, July 10, 2010


my friend told me this morning, "wui elaun kita sudah masuk!". Bah, thanks be to God lah walaupun i belum check my BSN account. Because as i have expected before, we can get our allowance before or by 10th. and i know it's about RM39++ per semester, so i need to manage my expenses wisely, otherwise i won't be able to save some of it. Nanti every week minta duit lagi dari PAMA (PApa+MAma), hehehe. Suddenly, things that i need to buy lined up in my mind.
1. Printer. i've decided to buy Brother Printer bcz kwn2 yg sudah ada, dorg cakap it really saves. my printer lama yg Cannon iP1880 pun tidak pernah guna cz the cartridges are so pricy baa. so mau beli yg trus 3-in-1 and ada ink-tank diluar. So, kira mau jual oh my Canon printer ni. Rm30 kah, masih baru kan lagi hehe. i don't care about the price.
2. Tennis racket. my sukan kokum for this sem is tenniskan, nah surely it costs hundreds.
3. Water heater. yang lama rosak sudah. bullshit oh!
4. Bag.
5. etc.


  1. yes... u oso tennis ka last sem? or this sem?

  2. No... mine is ping pong... for 2 sem ald... huhu
    Akmal is in tennis...

  3. wa bnyak mw d beli... new sem,. snew stuffs hehe ^^

  4. sinting: Akmal? ok later want him 2 teach me o hahhaa

    obiz: memang... ada ja mau d beli every new sem baaa.. ko pula?