Tuesday, July 6, 2010

don't laugh.

When my lecturer asked me, “bah Ronald, juniors sudah masuk. Jadi apa lagi, cari-carilah. Ko kan handsome, confirm masuk punya.” I just gave them a laugh and denied them. Suddenly, I remember my previous entry that I had posted it into my previous blog. Therefore, I just reedit and repost it so that it will answer the question. Well, I have no special one currently or stick with someone, to share my happiness or even to celebrate my Valentine’s Day. After being deeply disappointed by her, I then turned to be alienated, and sometimes my mind often wandering off. Finally, I realized, I still have my valued family that I never cared of before. Now, I live my life to the fullest after someone had won my heart. I’m so sorry for the incommodiousness of my honest story but this is a sudden recall that takes place in my mind right now. By the way, I will keep on searching, the one who is sent by God and comes in front of me; hopefully. Hehe. Just kidding. Ok, let it go~~

For me, I used to express my love to my parents on that day. We will get together, sitting in the restaurant and enjoy the meals. No one is missing; absolutely. Tell my dad and mum as well my sister and my little bro, that I really love them, they are my everything; my all in all. Nobody can replace them. They are those who support me when I am in need; they are those who be my companions to talk and fight with and choose me as the listener of their daily-ramblings. Imagine that. However, it was before. And now, I miss all these things.

Sometimes, I do found someone, a girl that can make me ‘shivering’ when I talk to her. Hahaha. Nevertheless, presently, I am comfortable for being single (yui… kununlah… padahal…), well, with God’s will, I just let Him to decide.

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