Friday, July 30, 2010


I was so gay after the 21st convocation of our IPG had done successfully. About more than 300 graduates which consisted of 4 groups (KPLI January intake 2009, KPLI June intake 2009, KPLI KDC Nov intake 2007, KEMAS May intake 2006) were received their diploma that morning. There were no lectures for 3 days because everyone was busy with the preparation of the convocation. Usually, the convocation is held in the hotel, somewhere in Kota Kinabalu, either Sutera Harbour or Beverly Hills Hotel.

I was not involving that actively during the convocation. I only involved in choir performance and duo singing competition. Firstly, the organizer told us that it was a compulsory participation and each option should take part in the competition. What the hell, when I was the one of the contestants. For me, it is good when the duets are a male and a female, so the vocals mixed will be harmony and strong. Nevertheless, regrettably, the women of my class were refused to take part although we had cajole them so many times. At last, Fred and I represented our class. Frankly, I was so nervous during that time because that was my FIRST experience. Singing competition is much different compared to other competitions that I have participated before and for sure I’m not becoming a boastful person but I love to try any new thing, because I believe that experience is the best teacher. “KALAU BUKAN SEKARANG, BILA LAGI?”, a simple and meaningful words that motivates me a lot. Thanks to Mr. Jame Alip, former director of my IPG and my senior. Before the competition, I saw my peers and rivals, each dealing with their nerves in their own way. There were those who in an attempt to put their fears out of their mind, made small talk with each other, and me joined them! However, no one knows when I kept on waiting for our turn, my heart pounds more fiercely. Finally, with the “My Love” song by Westlife, we won the second place. The wave of happiness and relief that washed over me was as comforting and as satisfying as a hot bath on a cold day. Thanks be to God.

Choir performance. Congrates to all the choir members. Vivace Forte is chosen as the name of the choir group. Praises and compliments were given to us after we did the performance very well. “All He Can Be” and “Semoga Kau Berjaya” songs had made each everyone of the hall ecstatic. So, I would like to congratulate Mr. Mait, our lecturer, Cyeka and also the members. Keep up the good work guys!

The convocation went on smoothly as planned. The director thanked to all who had made this convocation a huge success. When I saw the graduates put on the convocation robe, suddenly I wished to be like them. But degree is not my finishing, I will further and further. I still have 3 and half years to go before I become a teacher officially.

the graduates were entering the main hall

no words could come close to desribe how they felt

after their convocation

the Vivace Forte

"how can a man dreams too long..."

my future baby girl... lol

thanks a lot mr. Mait for the KFC, next time belanja lagi aaaa...

the future graduates... we're now still undergraduates... nasib sempat tapun ni baju hehe.