Monday, July 12, 2010

Spain 1-0 Netherlands

nah kan... Spain won the FIFA WC 2010! i only watched the first half time, i fell asleep so i just let my little brother to tell me the result. during the first half time, the match was not that frantic, many yellow cards were raised. In short, the final was about attacking football and both sides tried to play the game the way it should be played. Before i sleep, i SMSed my adik, "i bet u Spain will win the match over Netherlands, 1-0. pecaya la ckp sya. hehe". Then, at about 5.00 a.m, i got a msg from him, "betul ba 1-0, Spain won. tapi tu pun last2 min ba..." Viva Espana! i was correct, and Paul also. Congrates to Spain and the team should also congratulate their rivals because Netherlands made it very difficult for them. To Netherlands, don't be gutted and devastated, you all gave it your best shot, but it wasn't to be. Some might say, when someone or a team move into the final, they are the winner, but it's undeniable when once you're in the final, you want to win it. To Netherlands, you still have time to hold the next world champion of FIFA WC, perhaps after 4 years in Brazil.

I have something for you to watch. Viva Espana! Waka waka, eh eh...

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